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Discount Ford F-250 insuranceHow many times have you put off comparing quotes for more affordable car insurance rates in Philadelphia, PA? Philadelphia shoppers have options when shopping for the lowest priced Ford F-250 insurance. You can either waste hours struggling with agents getting price quotes or leverage the internet to compare rates. There is a right way and a wrong way to find car insurance online and we'll show you the best way to price shop coverage on a Ford and get the cheapest rates.

We don't have to point out that fact that auto insurance companies don't want you to look for cheaper rates. Consumers who get comparison quotes once a year are inclined to buy a new policy because there is a good chance of finding a lower-priced company. A recent car insurance study discovered that people who regularly compared price quotes saved on average $865 annually as compared to drivers who never shopped around.

If finding the cheapest rates on Ford F-250 insurance in Philadelphia is your objective, then having a good understanding how to choose a company and compare coverage rates can save time, money, and frustration.

Best Ford F-250 insurance price quotes in Pennsylvania

The car insurance companies shown below offer price quotes in Pennsylvania. If the list has multiple companies, we recommend you visit several of them in order to find the lowest rates.

Insurance rate breakdown

The information shown below highlights estimates of coverage costs for Ford F-250 models. Understanding how rate quotes are formulated can assist in making informed coverage decisions.

Ford F-250 Insurance Rates in Philadelphia, PA
Model Comp Collision Liability Medical UM/UIM Annual Premium Monthly Premium
F-250 XL 2WD $160 $286 $350 $20 $104 $920 $77
F-250 XL Cabela Package 2WD $180 $338 $350 $20 $104 $992 $83
F-250 XL Super Cab 2WD $180 $338 $350 $20 $104 $992 $83
F-250 XLT 2WD $180 $338 $350 $20 $104 $992 $83
F-250 XL 4WD $180 $286 $386 $22 $116 $990 $83
F-250 XLT Super Cab 2WD $180 $338 $350 $20 $104 $992 $83
F-250 XL Super Cab Cabela Package 2WD $180 $338 $350 $20 $104 $992 $83
F-250 XL Harley Edition 2WD $180 $338 $350 $20 $104 $992 $83
F-250 XL Crew Cab 2WD $180 $338 $350 $20 $104 $992 $83
F-250 XLT 4WD $180 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,042 $87
F-250 XL Cabela Package 4WD $180 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,042 $87
F-250 XL Crew Cab 4WD $180 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,042 $87
F-250 XL Super Cab 4WD $180 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,042 $87
F-250 XL Crew Cab Cabela Package 2WD $180 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,044 $87
F-250 XL Super Cab Harley Edition 2WD $180 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,044 $87
F-250 XL Turbo Diesel 2WD $180 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,044 $87
F-250 King Ranch Crew Cab 2WD $180 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,044 $87
F-250 XLT Crew Cab 2WD $180 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,044 $87
F-250 XL Super Cab Cabela Package 4WD $200 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,062 $89
F-250 XLT Super Cab 4WD $200 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,062 $89
F-250 XL Harley Edition 4WD $200 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,062 $89
F-250 King Ranch Crew Cab 4WD $200 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,062 $89
F-250 Lariat Crew Cab 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 XL Super Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 XL Crew Cab Harley Edition 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 XL Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 Lariat Super Cab 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 XL Super Cab Cabela Turbo Diesel 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 XLT Turbo Diesel 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 XL Cabela Turbo Diesel 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 XLT Turbo Diesel 4WD $200 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,062 $89
F-250 XLT Crew Cab 4WD $200 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,062 $89
F-250 XL Super Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $200 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,062 $89
F-250 XL Crew Cab Harley Edition 4WD $200 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,062 $89
F-250 XL Cabela Turbo Diesel 4WD $200 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,062 $89
F-250 XL Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $200 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,062 $89
F-250 Lariat Super Cab 4WD $200 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,062 $89
F-250 XL Turbo Diesel 4WD $200 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,062 $89
F-250 XL Super Cab Harley Edition 4WD $200 $338 $386 $22 $116 $1,062 $89
F-250 XLT Super Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 XL Harley Turbo Diesel 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 King Ranch Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 XL Super Cab Harley Turbo Diesel 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 XLT Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 XL Crew Cab Harley Turbo Diesel 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 XL Crew Cab Cabela Turbo Diesel 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 Lariat Super Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $200 $390 $350 $20 $104 $1,064 $89
F-250 Lariat Crew Cab 4WD $200 $390 $386 $22 $116 $1,114 $93
F-250 King Ranch Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $200 $390 $386 $22 $116 $1,114 $93
F-250 XL Super Cab Cabela Turbo Diesel 4WD $200 $390 $386 $22 $116 $1,114 $93
F-250 XLT Super Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $200 $390 $386 $22 $116 $1,114 $93
F-250 Cabela Crew Cab 4WD $200 $390 $386 $22 $116 $1,114 $93
F-250 XL Harley Turbo Diesel 4WD $200 $390 $386 $22 $116 $1,114 $93
F-250 XLT Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $200 $390 $386 $22 $116 $1,114 $93
F-250 Lariat Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $200 $440 $350 $20 $104 $1,114 $93
F-250 Lariat Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $220 $390 $386 $22 $116 $1,134 $95
F-250 XL Super Cab Harley Turbo Diesel 4WD $220 $390 $386 $22 $116 $1,134 $95
F-250 Lariat Super Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $220 $390 $386 $22 $116 $1,134 $95
F-250 XL Crew Cab Harley Turbo Diesel 4WD $220 $390 $386 $22 $116 $1,134 $95
Get Your Own Customized Quote Go

Prices based on married female driver age 50, no speeding tickets, no at-fault accidents, $500 deductibles, and Pennsylvania minimum liability limits. Discounts applied include safe-driver, claim-free, multi-vehicle, homeowner, and multi-policy. Price information does not factor in specific zip code location which can influence auto insurance rates substantially.

The chart below highlights how deductible selection and can change Ford F-250 yearly insurance costs for different categories of driver ages. The information is based on a single female driver, comp and collision included, and no policy discounts are applied.

Full coverage versus liability only rates

The information below shows the difference between Ford F-250 insurance costs when comparing full coverage to liability only. The premiums are based on no driving violations, no at-fault accidents, $1,000 deductibles, marital status is single, and no policy discounts are applied.

When to stop paying for full coverage

There isn't a steadfast formula for dropping physical damage coverage, but there is a guideline you can consider. If the yearly cost of comp and collision coverage is about 10% or more of the replacement cost of your vehicle minus the policy deductible, the it may be a good time to stop paying for full coverage.

For example, let's pretend your Ford F-250 settlement value is $8,000 and you have $1,000 full coverage deductibles. If your vehicle is totaled, the most your company would pay you is $7,000 after the deductible is paid. If you are paying in excess of $700 annually for your policy with full coverage, then it might be time to consider dropping full coverage.

There are some circumstances where buying only liability insurance is not a good idea. If you still have a loan on your vehicle, you must maintain physical damage coverage as part of the loan conditions. Also, if you cannot afford to purchase a different vehicle in the event your current vehicle is totaled, you should maintain full coverage.

Ford F-250 Insurance Premium Factors

Lots of factors are part of the calculation when you quote your car insurance policy. Some of the criteria are obvious like an MVR report, but others are more transparent such as your credit history or how financially stable you are.

  • The type of car, truck or SUV you drive affects your prices - The performance level of the vehicle you need insurance for makes a significant difference in your rates. Lower performance four cylinder passenger cars usually have the lowest rates, but other factors influence the final cost greatly.

    The next chart is based on a single male driver age 30, full coverage with $500 deductibles, and no discounts or violations. The chart compares Ford F-250 rates compared to other models that have different performance rating factors.

  • Rate your vehicle for proper use - Driving more miles in a year's time the more you'll pay to insure your vehicle. A lot of insurance companies charge to insure your cars based on their usage. Cars and trucks left parked in the garage can be on a lower rate level than those that get driven frequently. Having the wrong rating on your F-250 can cost quite a bit. Ask your agent if your insurance declarations sheet reflects how each vehicle is driven, because improper ratings can cost you money.
  • Rates may be lower depending on your vocation - Occupations such as doctors, police officers, and dentists are shown to have higher average rates because of stressful work requirements and lots of time spent at work. On the flip side, careers like scientists, students and retirees get better rates.
  • Lower rates with a multi-policy discount - The majority of insurance companies provide a discount to customers who carry more than one policy, otherwise known as a multi-policy discount. The discount can add up to ten or even fifteen percent. Even though this discount sounds good, it's still a good idea to shop around to guarantee you are still saving the most. Consumers may save even more by buying insurance from more than one company.
  • Youthful drivers cost more - Youthful drivers in Pennsylvania are statistically shown to be more careless when at the wheel of a vehicle so insurance rates are higher. Having to add a teen driver to your insurance policy can break the bank. More experienced drivers are proven to be safer behind the wheel, cause fewer claims and accidents, and tend to be get fewer driving tickets.

    The following data is based on a single driver, full coverage with $500 deductibles, and no discounts or violations.

  • Save money with excellent credit - Having a bad credit history is a large factor in determining what you pay. Therefore, if your credit rating leaves room for improvement, you may save money insuring your Ford F-250 by spending a little time repairing your credit. Drivers with high credit scores tend to file fewer claims and have better driving records than drivers who have lower ratings.
  • Don't get traffic citations - How you drive has a big impact on rates. Attentive drivers tend to pay less for car insurance than bad drivers. Even a single moving violation may increase your cost forty percent or more. Drivers who have severe violations such as DUI, reckless driving or excessive speeding may find that they have to to file a proof of financial responsibility form (SR-22) with their state DMV in order to keep their license.

    The example below shows how violations and at-fault fender-benders can drive up Ford F-250 insurance rates for each different age group. The data is based on a married female driver, comprehensive and collision coverage, $500 deductibles, and no policy discounts are applied.

  • Never have coverage lapses - Having a gap between insurance policy dates is a quick way to increase your insurance rates. In addition to paying higher rates, not being able to provide proof of insurance could result in a revoked license or a big fine.
  • Insurance loss statistics a Ford F-250 - Insurers use claims history when they calculate premium rates for each model. Vehicles that tend to have a trend towards higher claims will have higher rates for specific coverages.

    The next table illustrates the actual insurance loss data for Ford F-250 vehicles. For each type of coverage, the statistical loss for all vehicles, without regard to make or model, is set at 100. Percentage values below 100 mean the vehicle has better than average losses, while numbers that are greater than 100 indicate frequent claims or an increased likelihood of larger losses.

    Ford F-250 Insurance Claim Statistics
    Make and Model Collision Property Damage Comp Personal Injury Medical Payment Bodily Injury
    Ford F-250 4WD 58 97 85
    Ford F-250 SuperCab 2WD 55 90
    Ford F-250 SuperCab 4WD 72 118 71 48
    Ford F-250 SuperCrew 2WD 75 101 125
    Ford F-250 SuperCrew 4WD 86 132 176 44 44 90

    Empty fields indicate not enough data collected
    Statistics Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for 2013-2015 Model Years

Check for these discounts on Ford F-250 insurance in Philadelphia

Car insurance companies do not advertise all their discounts very clearly, so the list below contains some of the more common and the more hidden credits available to bring down your rates.Insurance discounts

  • Multi-line Discount - Larger insurance companies have better insurance rates if you take out some life insurance in addition to your auto policy.
  • Anti-lock Brake System - Cars that have anti-lock braking systems have fewer accidents so companies give up to a 10% discount.
  • Distant Student - Older children who are enrolled in a college that is more than 100 miles from Philadelphia and don't have a car may be insured at a cheaper rate.
  • Passive Restraints - Vehicles equipped with air bags or motorized seat belts could see savings as much as 30%.
  • Telematics Data Discounts - Philadelphia drivers who agree to allow data collection to study driving habits by using a telematic data system like Drivewise from Allstate or In-Drive from State Farm may see discounts if they have good driving habits.
  • Payment Method - If you pay your bill all at once as opposed to paying monthly you may reduce your total bill.

While discounts sound great, it's important to understand that some credits don't apply to the overall cost of the policy. Most only reduce individual premiums such as comprehensive or collision. Even though it appears adding up those discounts means a free policy, that's just not realistic.

The example below illustrates the comparison of Ford F-250 premium costs with and without discounts. The data is based on a female driver, no claims or violations, Pennsylvania state minimum liability limits, comprehensive and collision coverage, and $500 deductibles. The first bar for each age group shows premium with no discounts. The second shows the rates with claim-free, multi-policy, homeowner, safe-driver, marriage, and multi-car discounts applied.

A list of companies and a selection of discounts can be read below.

  • State Farm offers discounts for student away at school, Drive Safe & Save, Steer Clear safe driver discount, good driver, anti-theft, and defensive driving training.
  • GEICO policyholders can earn discounts including membership and employees, driver training, federal employee, seat belt use, anti-theft, and multi-policy.
  • SAFECO discounts include multi-car, anti-lock brakes, drive less, teen safety rewards, and teen safe driver.
  • Farmers Insurance may include discounts for alternative fuel, electronic funds transfer, early shopping, mature driver, good student, homeowner, and business and professional.
  • AAA may have discounts that include AAA membership discount, multi-car, pay-in-full, multi-policy, and anti-theft.
  • USAA includes discounts for loyalty savings, new vehicle, multi-policy, driver training, and defensive driver.

Before you buy a policy, ask each insurance company which discounts you qualify for. Some of the earlier mentioned discounts may not apply to policies in Philadelphia.

You may require the services of an agent

Some consumers prefer to go talk to an agent and there is nothing wrong with that. Most agents are trained to spot inefficiencies and give you someone to call. The biggest benefit of getting free rate quotes online is that you can obtain the best rates and still buy from a local agent.

By using this form (opens in new window), your insurance coverage information is transmitted to local insurance agents that give free quotes for your business. You never need to contact an agency due to the fact that quote results will go directly to you. If for some reason you want to compare prices from a particular provider, feel free to search and find their rate quote page and complete a quote there.

Finding the right provider shouldn't rely on just the bottom line cost. Ask your prospective agent these questions:

  • How much training do they have in personal risk management?
  • Has the agent ever had any license suspensions?
  • Do the coverages you're quoting properly cover your vehicle?
  • If you are a high risk driver, do they have special markets for your coverage?
  • Are they primarily personal or commercial lines agents in Philadelphia?
  • How are they compensated?

Compare but don't skimp

When buying insurance coverage, you should never sacrifice coverage to reduce premiums. There are many occasions where drivers have reduced liability coverage limits only to discover later they didn't purchase enough coverage. Your goal should be to find the BEST coverage for the lowest price.

In this article, we presented a lot of information how to reduce Ford F-250 insurance prices online in Philadelphia. The key concept to understand is the more rate comparisons you have, the higher your chance of finding affordable Philadelphia auto insurance quotes. You may even discover the biggest savings come from some of the smallest insurance companies.

Cost effective Ford F-250 insurance is definitely available from both online companies and with local Philadelphia insurance agents, so you need to shop Philadelphia auto insurance with both in order to have the best chance of saving money. There are still a few companies who do not provide rate quotes online and most of the time these smaller providers provide coverage only through local independent agencies.

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